Welcome to Trowel Tales!

I am a practicing CRM archaeologist, and unsurprisingly, a huge archaeology/history nerd.  How big a nerd?  There’s a photograph of me in 2nd grade dressed up in a khaki uniform, pith helmet, and fake glasses as some kind of ‘ologist’ for Halloween; as teenager, I was a costumed interpreter for a Civil War reenactment village; I spent a summer in High School at a field school; I think doing archaeological paperwork and writing reports is fun; in my free time, I draw random archaeology-inspired cartoons and blogs about archaeology; and the list goes on.

Bringing the wonderful world of archaeology to the public is one of my passions.  That’s one of the reasons I created the ‘Trowel Tales: Stories from the Field’ podcast–and now this blog–to get people interested in archaeology through the random shenanigans we archaeologists seem to keep getting into.

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