Lithic Series, Part 1: How Flakes Are Made


When a hammerstone and a core fall in love . . .Flint Knapping is the process of using a hammerstone (a small rock/cobble) and hitting it against a type of rock (i.e. a core), like obsidian or chert, that breaks into nice small pieces (i.e. flakes) that can be further worked into tools like scrapers, spear points, projectile points, knives, etc.

One thought on “Lithic Series, Part 1: How Flakes Are Made

  1. Guang Tong says:

    I just saw your Lithic Series. I love it very much. I am a Chinese paleolithic archaeology student, and my name is Guang Tong. I am making a WeChat Subscription, which like the Facebook Page. Of course, it is free. The aim of the subscription is to share some konwledge about lithic, flintknapping, paleoathroplogy. I think your lithic series is so amazing beatiful. Can I put it onto my subscription? Thank you!
    I also want to make more communication with you.
    Merry Christmas!!!


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